St Patrick’s Festival

With St Patrick’s Day traditionally the official launch of the tourism season, Ireland is set to welcome over 376,000 people through Dublin Airport and a further 30,000 through Cork airport over the festival weekend.

With so many visitors to the country, we would like to highlight a few tips to stay safe while out and about enjoying the parades and the festivities around the country.
– Store excess cash in your safe in your accommodation
– If travelling as a couple/group, divide the money between you
– Plan your route beforehand to minimise checking maps on the street
– Mind your belongings while in crowded areas – use a bag with a strap that goes around your neck and diagonally across your body.
– Don’t leave belongings exposed – always keep your bag closed
– Try to minimise using your mobile phone on the street
– Be alert when withdrawing money on the street from bank machines
– Be aware of your surroundings. Walk purposefully and confidently
– Keep to populated areas and avoid deserted streets at night
– Avoid taking short cuts through deserted areas particularly after dark
Most of all enjoy the Irish hospitality.

If you do happen to be a victim of crime, call our office on +353 (0)1 666 9354. Our team will be there to offer help and support all weekend – 10am-6pm on Friday and Monday and 12-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.