Irish Tourist Assistance Service



The Position – Client Advocate for tourist victims of crime

This is a Community Employment vacancy, to confirm you are eligible please contact your local Department of Social Protection, if you are eligible email your details to the address provided below make sure to include Irish Tourist Assistance Service in the subject line.

Purpose of the job

To receive referrals via the Gardaí, Embassies, the tourist Industry and other sources of victims of crime and other traumatic incidents and who are international visitors in Ireland.
To assist clients in person, and over the phone, to assess their needs and liaise on their behalf with Gardaí, Embassies, Airlines, Ferry companies and other agencies and partners of the Service.
Offer solutions and options to international visitors taking into account their personal needs and circumstances.
Act in the best interest of the international visitors at all times.
To provide a positive and helpful image of the service to all clients and partner organisations.
Create, and update, incident reports on the Incident management system.
Administration duties, which may involve anything from obtaining supplies from Retail, going to the Post Office, to ensuring various databases are up to date.

We are looking for someone who possesses

General Responsibilities