ITAS believes that every visitor to Ireland who experiences crime should be offered appropriate support and information in the immediate aftermath and at every stage within the criminal justice system. Our aim is to provide international visitors who become victims of crime and other traumatic incidents with immediate comprehensive support and information in order to make a positive difference to their experience.

Tourists face issues such as language barriers, isolation, culture shock and the lack of support structures. Many are not familiar with the laws of the country they are visiting or the criminal justice system. In addition, they may be left stranded without cash or passports and without the means to support themselves in a foreign country and this adds enormously to their trauma.

Cross border victims have specific needs and challenges that require immediate assistance. At ITAS we strive to meet these needs and we work with many agencies and organisations to ensure tourists receive comprehensive support in the aftermath of crime.

The service is the only dedicated national service in Europe offering specialist support to tourist crime victims. On average, 9 out of 10 tourists continue with their holiday after support from the service.

Dear Sirs and Madam, I would like to thank you again for all your help and effort that you put in my case with stolen documents. I successfully received all emergency travel documents through the Austrian embassy and therefore boarded my flight back to Slovenia without any trouble. Thank you again!
Hello, I would like to thank you again for your kindness and help in finding me a place to stay. The staff and accommodation at Buswell’s has been excellent. I spent a good part of the day yesterday at the Canadian consulate but have not heard anything today. I am hoping that tomorrow will be my lucky day. The consulate is closed on Thursday so I am really hoping to hear something tomorrow. I will be in contact either way tomorrow.
Dear Sir, Thanks to your precious intervention last Saturday, I was able to take the Ryanair flight back to Beauvais (F) yesterday. I just want to thank you very much for your assistance and kindness. My gratefulness also goes to the Garda who took our deposition and to your colleague for her comfort.
Hi, I visited Dublin a month ago and I had a problem because someone stole my wallet. ITAS & the Dublin police helped me a lot and I am very grateful, something that I cannot forget. You did a wonderful job. You may not remember me but I am going to remember you and your wonderful city all my life. This weekend I'm going back to Dublin. I hope to visit you and thank you for everything you helped me! I hope you have a good day!
Dear ITAS staff, I want to let you know that the driver of the taxi in which we forgot our purple backpack (with our meds) returned the backpack to us at our hotel on Friday evening. He reported that he drove around to several different hotels until he noticed an Aegean Air sticker on the backpack and recalled our conversation about having previously been to Greece; then he remembered where he dropped us off. What a lovely man! He is a real ambassador to the city of Dublin with its kind and friendly people. I also wanted to thank you, personally, for the time that you took to work with us. You were a calming, helpful and reassuring presence during a stressful time as well as an amazing representative of the beautiful spirit of Dublin. We will most certainly be back and plan to spend more time exploring Dublin as well as the country as a whole. Thank you and your colleague, again, for all that you did for us.
New Zealand
I am writing on behalf of my wife and I to thank the wonderful staff of ITAS, who were so supportive of our needs following a burglary at our motorhome. We were given every assistance with our faxing and email requirements; we were further spoiled with a plentiful supply of T.L.C., coffee and complimentary tickets to a tourist attraction, which we enjoyed immensely. While we were thankful only our laptop was stolen, the stress and trauma of the loss was still significant. A very sincere thank you to the three ladies who were there on the day.
I think you remember me, the woman who at the check-in discovered that her ID card and her credit card were stolen. You succeeded to calm my mind with hearty words, tea and cookies; you even booked me on a new flight. You gave me all that was necessary to get new papers, you organised a bed in a hostel, a train ticket to get to & from the Embassy and bus tickets to your office and to the airport – one of you even came with me to the bus-stop and made sure I took the correct bus. I am full of gratitude to you!!!

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