If you have been the victim of a theft and had any of the following items stolen:

Passport – you will require a police report in order to receive a temporary travel document from your embassy. You can contact your embassy directly or contact ITAS who will give you the contact details and requirements of your embassy. In a situation where you could miss your departure flight, due to the time it will take to get your temporary travel documents issued, it is recommended that you contact ITAS who will liaise with the relevant travel company to try and get your departure re-scheduled.

Money – A money transfer is the fastest option for receiving money in emergency situations. Contact ITAS for relevant agencies and procedural information. If you are stranded without money, ITAS may be able to organise accommodation, meals and transport on a short term basis until your money becomes available.

Credit Cards – These should be cancelled immediately. If you do not know the telephone number for cancelling your cards, call ITAS and we will advise you of the relevant numbers.

Drivers Licence – You will not be able to replace your drivers licence in Ireland. This can only be done on your return home. If you had intended to hire a car, please contact ITAS as we may be able to assist.  If you have already hired a car, then the car hire company will have a copy of your licence but it would be advisable to keep a copy of the garda report in the car in case you are stopped by the Gardaí.

Travel Tickets – You can contact the relevant company to get your travel tickets re-issued. ITAS have contacts within many of the airlines, ferry companies and may be in a position to speed up the re-issuing process.

If you have been the victim of a sexual crime

  • The Gardaí will provide a Garda of the same gender and a doctor of the same gender as far as possible, when asked.
  • The Gardaí will provide you with details about any local support organisations for victims of sexual offences.
  • In the event that you would like to return home immediately, ITAS may be able to arrange the re-scheduling of your travel plans.

For families of victims of murder and other unlawful killing

  • The Garda Superintendent of the investigating Garda Station will keep in contact directly with you and any organisation supporting victims that you have asked to help you.
  • Contact will be maintained between you, the investigating Garda, and any relevant support organisation through a named Garda Family Liaison Officer from the investigating team.