The two ladies in the ITAS office made a traumatic experience much easier to handle. They went out of their way to help in every possible way. We could not have asked for a more professional, courteous, kind, caring and sympathetic response than we received. Thank you for having such a service for tourists in need and staffing it with top-notch people. – USA
This made my day and stay in Dublin! Thank you for the wonderful service and understanding! – Norway
ITAS is an amazing system, really can help tourists. When back in Germany I always talk to my friends and family about ITAS. There are more and more tourists going to China, I really hope China can have a similar system one day and I would be a volunteer. I will go to Ireland at least one more time, to finish my trip plan, this time I will take care of my bag. – China
Now, more than five weeks have gone since I made first this horrible experience to be lost in a foreign country without valid papers and without a penny – and the second wonderful experience that I have not been lost, that I found very kind, warm-hearted people who tried to help me with all their possibilities and they succeeded. – USA
I just want to extend my praise and thanks for your amazing service. It was a really stressful and trying weekend and I would have been lost without your assistance. Keep up the amazing work!! – UK
I think you remember me, the woman who at the check-in discovered that her ID card and her credit card were stolen. You succeeded to calm my mind with hearty words, tea and cookies; you even booked me on a new flight. You gave me all that was necessary to get new papers, you organised a bed in a hostel, a train ticket to get to & from the Embassy and bus tickets to your office and to the airport – one of you even came with me to the bus-stop and made sure I took the correct bus. I am full of gratitude to you!!! – Germany
When people say to me, “Oh, that’s a horrible way to spend your vacation!’ I reply, “Perhaps I missed seeing Ireland’s beautiful lands, but I got to experience its true beauty, the hearts and souls of the people who live there.” And I sincerely mean that. What could have been a truly horrible experience was eased by caring and compassionate people such as yourself. Thank you. I hope to one day return so that I can see Ireland’s lovely country and enjoy its warm hospitality. – USA
I am writing on behalf of my wife and I to thank the wonderful staff of ITAS, who were so supportive of our needs following a burglary at our motorhome. We were given every assistance with our faxing and email requirements; we were further spoiled with a plentiful supply of T.L.C., coffee and complimentary tickets to a tourist attraction, which we enjoyed immensely. While we were thankful only our laptop was stolen, the stress and trauma of the loss was still significant. A very sincere thank you to the three ladies who were there on the day. – New Zealand
My husband and I would like to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your help in dealing with an unfortunate event we had on our trip to Ireland. You provided us with the right information to quickly cancel our credit cards and take action in securing new passports to get back to the United States. We left your beautiful country not disappointed from a robbery, but with great love of the people of Ireland, for their kindness and compassion during our time of need. – USA
I’m sending this email to thank and thank again the ITAS association for the tremendous help they brought me this last week-end. This kind of association is one of those we should find in any country, and this is one of the reason why I will only keep good memories of Dublin. Knowing by advance that we can rely on such level of assistance when flying to a country is more than good for tourism, and shall be a key point for travel destination selection for holidays. This is at least big relief for me to know that, next time I will fly to Dublin (and I will for sure), ITAS will be present to support me if I have any issue. Thanks again for your perfect assistance. – France